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Poster Printing Coventry

Our poster printing service involves printing on 260gsm for satin and gloss paper, and 230gsm for matt. All posters are printed on one side only. The facility is also available for these to be laminated, so please ring us at our Coventry office for details.

Poster printing is a great way to advertise and is a very effective marketing tool. It is still one of the most effective ways of raising awareness of an event, advertisement or even a new product, getting your message across in a matter of seconds. With great quality prints and colours you can get your poster noticed and admired getting an immediate response to your product or event.

These prices are for singles, if you want more then, give us a ring and we will quote you for whatever your needs

For more information regarding poster printing prices email or call us at our Coventry office on 024 76458363.

Poster Sizes Quantity Price
B0 1 £40
A0 1 £20
A1 1 £16
A2 1 £12
A3 1 £3
Digital Posters (150gsm) Quantity Price
A3 100 £50
A4 100 £40
Full Colour Litho Posters (150gsm silk) Quantity Price
A3 100 £149
A2 100 £195
Laminated Posters Quantity Price
A3 1 £5
A2 1 £15
A1 1 £25
POSTERS / PHOTOS 260GSM Quantity Price
24x48 inches (2ft x 4ft) Banner 1 £17
36 inches Square Glossy Poster 1 £20
24x72 inches (2ft x 6ft) Banner 1 £26
24x96 inches (2ft x 8ft) Banner 1 £33
36x72 inches (3ft x 6ft) Banner 1 £40
36x96 inches (3ft x 8ft) Banner 1 £46

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